Fitting a Wig

All wigs come with adjusters so they can be resized to fit anyone. The adjusters are always located at the nape of the neck. The adjuster panel runs along the bottom edge of the wig and is often made out of a soft material such as felt. There are a few different types of adjusters but they all work in the same way. For example, velcro adjusters or clip adjusters.

On each side, from just behind the ear (near the side panels on either side) is a piece of stretchy soft elastic. Each piece of elastic is held in place via one or two loops that it passes through before ending at the nape. It is these ends that you use to tighten or loosen the wig. At the nape of the neck there is a small manufacturing label; use this as a guide for the middle of the nape panel.

To tighten the base of the wig, simply move the adjusters towards the label in the centre of the nape panel. Do this in small stages and keep trying the wig on to avoid over tightening.

 To loosen the base of the wig, simply move the Velcro adjusters out away from the label. Again, do this in small stages and keep trying the wig on to see that is not too loose.

It is extremely important to get the fit right. If the wig is too tight it can start to ride up and feel like it is coming off. Similarly, if it is too loose it can cause the wig to move around and feel insecure.

Always make sure that the wig base never covers your ears, it must always lay flat to your head.