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The Natural Image Wig Collection  has a gorgeous collection of wigs  suitable for almost every woman. Our selection of classic and contemporary cuts have been created with the necessity wearer in mind, whether hairloss has occured from chemotherapy, alopecia or simply age related thinning. Our wigs come in a vast array of natural, highlighted and rooted colours as well as having the most up to date wig technology with features like natural lace fronts, monofilament partings and lightweight wefted caps.

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  • April Wig by Natural Image
    • 20% off

    This short, feathered wig is one of our customer favourites!  Ruffle through with the fingers for a striking, spiky look or smooth down for a sleek, pixie look. The simplicity of this beautiful wig makes it perfect for everyday wear.

    Shown In Colour: Main NEW Pewter Glow! 


    Inset: Glazed Mocha (Top 3 images)

               Light Choc / Candy Blonde, (Left and Middle second row) 

               Silver Mist (56/60)  (last image)



    Was: £135.00
    • £108.00
  • Believe is a classic crop with plenty of barley waved volume. This lightweight wig provides a cool breathable fit due to the Comfort Cap base. This style features a Lace Front that creates a remarkably natural hairline allowing for flexibility in styling.

    Shown In Colours: Sugared Walnut G38

    Inset: Dark Chocolate Mist G4+

    • £210.00
  • A new look for classic fluff back cut, barley waved and with a deep lace front for the most natural hairline. Perception is easy to style and light to wear. This short wig is ideal for both causal and formal wear.

    Shown In Colour: Burnished Snow (G60) and Praline Mist (G19+)

    • £275.00
  • Constant is a timeless style, the ultimate in fuss-free styling, an easy-to-wear style. This short wig is a full yet barely waved short style with the added luxury of a deep lace front for a natural hairline and a hand knotted top.

    Shown In Colours: Platinum Mist G101 and Pecan Mist


    • £260.00
  • Kim Wig by Natural Image (Mini Petite)
    • 20% off

    A beautiful cropped style wig with short layers and a subtle fringe makes Kim the ultimate in fuss-free styling. Simply rake with the fingers to accentuate the layers for lasting volume!

    This is one of our all time best sellers and is available in two sizes. NB: This is Mini Petite. Also available in Petite

    Shown In Colour: Soft Wheat (23/20)

    Inset: Pecan (12)

    Was: £155.00
    • £124.00
  • Sassy and Cute, April is one of our best sellers of all time! We've given it an update with a sheer lace front, for off the face styleability. 

    This short & sassy pixie cut has had an update now featuring a Lace Front for a very natural and discreet hairline, ideal for off the face styling. Though this wig may be short it still packs a bunch of volume which is beautifully accentuated by a petite side sweeping fringe. 

    hown in Harvest Gold

    • £185.00
  • Iconic by Natural Image (Average)
    • 20% off

    We think this chic crop will go on to become..well- Iconic! It's not often that we all agree a style will be a winner, but with the perfectly shaped cut, this one has wowed our whole team, and is bound to be beloved by all. The added bonus of a lace front means that you can style this piece off the face for the ultimate natural look.

    Shown in: Glazed Vanilla, Onyx Glow, Pewter Glow, Silver Mist , Buttered Toast

    Was: £149.00
    • £119.20
  • Influence is sure to give you that you that windswept and interesting look. This stunning wig is beautifully long with just the right hint of movement running through the end and subtle, elegant layering that creates the most luxe, natural look. Also, this style also features a lace front & monofilament parting which will blend in with the skin creating a seamlessly flawless look. 

    Shown in : Main Image -Platinum Mist Rooted Inset- Chocolate Glow Rooted (middle) and Rich Ebony (Left) 

    • £220.00
  • Kim is back, and with a deluxe update! She's been one of our best seller for a while now so we thought it was only right to update her and make her even more beautiful, she now has a premium lace front perfect for off the face styling. Also brand new is a monofilament part means you can have a natural part for the ultimate discretion. Despite the short pixie cut of this wig it creates a gorgeous feminine silhouette and the short layers create waves of volume, simply brush through with your hands and you're good to go!

    Shown in Sahara (Main Image) and Pearl Platinum (Inset)

    • £210.00
  • A pretty modern bob with a soft swooping fringe. 100% handtied with a lace front for extra luxury!  This pretty stacked bob is perfect for those who like a little sophistication and style. Wear the soft swooping fringe forward or pin it back for an everyday look!

    Shown in: Chocolate Copper Mist G6/30

    Inset: Wheat Mist G20

    • £260.00
  • A chic short bob with a soft silhouette and side-swept fringe. This gorgeous and neat little bob style has a 100% hand tied cap & lace front for that added extra luxury! 

    Pretty style that has a lovely stacked back and can be worn pushed back or swept forward.

    Shown in: Chocolate Copper Mist, Sugared Silver G56 and Creamy Glow CRG

    • £260.00
  • Intimate is the perfectly grown out 'lob'. With subtle layers through the ends and a softly swooping fringe, this pretty modern style is luxurious and easy to wear. 

    The perfect grown out long 'Bob' with luxury 100% hand tied & lace front detailing

    Shown in Colours: Platinum Mist Rooted (G101#10) and Caramel Glow (CAG)

    • £289.00
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