Hand Tied Wigs

Our collection of Hand-tied wigs from leading collections offers exceptional realism and comfort. These wigs are meticulously crafted with each hair strand individually hand-tied to the base, ensuring a lifelike appearance and natural movement that's nearly indistinguishable from real hair.

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PYSAB/A/22B Sheer Abby Wig by Paula Young (A)
  • £175.00
PYSCN/A/12B Sheer Colleen Wig by Paula Young (A)
  • £175.00
TTL/A/G14+ Tantalise Wig by Natural Image Inspired
  • £325.00
ETY/A/G60+ Eternity Wig by Natural Image Inspired
  • £310.00
HVN/P/G14+ Heaven Wig by Natural Image Inspired (P)
  • £299.00
PEA/14 Pearl Wig by Natural Image
  • £255.00
SLY/04 Sally Wig by Natural Image
  • £265.00
ICTV/A/G12+ Incentive Wig by Gabor (Average)
  • £325.00
ICTV/P/G29+ Incentive Wig by Gabor (Petite)
  • £325.00
PYLEG/A/38 Sheer Legacy by Paula Young
  • 77% less
Was: £169.00
  • £39.00
SUCS/A/R1HH Success Story Wig by Raquel Welch Black Label
  • £875.00
PYSHD/A/101 Sheer Dance by Paula Young
  • 25% off
Was: £195.00
  • £146.25
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