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This just in! NEW styles from the Raquel Welch Collection

We are pleased to announce 11 new beautiful styles from the Raquel Welch collection. This collection contains 5 stylish new synthetic wigs, 3 human hair styles and 3 premium styles from the new RW Grand Collection, which have been created in 100% certified Remy human hair.

These exclusive Raquel Welch wigs are all easy and comfortable to wear. These wigs are on trend and available in a range of colours to suit everyone. Perfect for all day wear or an evening glamorous look. Click here to see the whole collection and view each new gorgeous style in detail, below are three of our favorites.

20% off all styles from the fabulous Raquel Welch Collection!

†This week at Natural Image, we’ve got†a glamorous treat for you all, with 20% off our stunning collection of Raquel Welch wig styles. Made with the very best features to help keep you comfortable all day long and available in an array of fashionable styles, the Raquel Welch collection is the perfect way to treat yourself to a brand new hairstyle…all without a big price tag.

Take a look at all of the styles on offer here: http://www.naturalimagewigs.co.uk/Raquel-Welch-Short/

Christmas Party Hair

Unbelieveably it’s nearly Christmas again, with all the crazyness that entails. Buying presents, wrapping them, entertaining, cooking…. it can be relentless!

Fortunately there is one thing you won’t have to worry about if you are a wig wearer- and that is long styling sessions to get party perfect hair. Instead you can have the hair you want in a flash!

Here are our hot tips for a† glamorous season wearing wigs:

1. Now is the perfect time to try an updated style. Go for one a little longer or shorter than normal- or what about a† different colour. Just as you feel if you buy a new dress,† a new wig style can really give you a confidence boost!!

2. Make sure your wig is clean and ready to wear for any nights out.† A little conditioner and a wash can work wonders.

3. Why not spritz your favourite perfume through the ends of the wig so you ‘waft’ fragrance wherever you walk.

4. This is very† important tip, especially at Christmas when you are most likely to be baking. Be extra careful when taking anything hot out of the oven, a blast of very hot air can be quite damaging to wig fibres, causing them to curl or distort.† Stand to the side when opening the oven door and be careful!

Show Stopper by Raquel Welch

Top of the Crops

This season has seen cropped hair styles go from strength to strength. Helen Mirren is one of our favourite wearers of this enduring style, proving it can look elegant and glamorous no matter what your age. We love her delicate blonde coloured locks tipped with silver.

Helen Mirren's Perfect Crop

A key element in a modern crop is to keep the layers feathered and the texture soft and not too voluminous. Why not try out this gorgeous style with one of our cropped wigs? Our favourite is the Enchant by Raqel Welch- another woman who knows a thing or two about glamour!