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Beautifully chic bobs for everyday wear at Natural Image.

This week at Natural Image, weíre paying homage to a classic hairstyle which suits every age group, never ever goes out of fashion and is a complete saviour on days when our hair is being completely unruly- the bob hairstyle! Whatís more, weíve got 20% off selected bobs and mid-length styles this week- just for you!

So why go for a bob? The bob is a truly timeless hairstyle. Itís sharp, polished and requires minimum upkeep, not to mention that itís suitable for wearing from morning to night as well as for more special occasions.††

Brooke by Natural Image.

At Natural Image, we have a gorgeous collection of chic bobs. Designed to look stylish and impeccably natural and crafted to keep you comfortable and cool all day long, our wigs are perfect for wearing everyday as well as for keeping on standby for days when you need a quick-fix hair solution. The fantastic thing about them is that whilst our own hair often frizzes up or falls flat due to the weather, a wig wonít. Our wigs hold their style, regardless of the weather, so come rain or shine, youíre guaranteed to have a perfect hairstyle thatíll look like its freshly styled, from morning to night.

Heaven by Natural Image

Our bob wigs are available in a stunning range of colour tones, which are blended to provide a salon-coloured effect, giving you the opportunity to test out a colour which youíve always secretly wanted to try. They are also available in a range of different shapes and styles.

For something classic, try out a medium-length, volume-rich bob with a fringe for extra definition, such as our brand new, deluxe Heaven wig or try something more modern with choppy layers which will frame your face, like Margo.

Margo by Paula Young

†Be sure to take a look at our full collection of bob wigs. Whether lightly layered or poker straight, with a side swept or heavy fringe- your perfect bob haircut is just a few clicks away!

Top of the Crops

This season has seen cropped hair styles go from strength to strength. Helen Mirren is one of our favourite wearers of this enduring style, proving it can look elegant and glamorous no matter what your age. We love her delicate blonde coloured locks tipped with silver.

Helen Mirren's Perfect Crop

A key element in a modern crop is to keep the layers feathered and the texture soft and not too voluminous. Why not try out this gorgeous style with one of our cropped wigs? Our favourite is the Enchant by Raqel Welch- another woman who knows a thing or two about glamour!