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Get the compliments you deserve. OR when should I replace my wig?

How do you know when it’s time to replace your wig? Is it when you stop receiving compliments? Or are there other tell tale signs?

All our wigs are made from the very finest quality materials however even so, they will with time need to be replaced. Generally if you wear a wig everyday, it should be replaced every 3 months to retain that fresh look that you love. If you are an occasional wig wearer, or if you have a wardrobe of wig styles that you wear on a rotational basis you amy get six months or more of wear out of your wig.

If you care properly for your wig with the right products this will extend the life of your wig. Our specially formulated wig care products are designed to clean and condition your wig so that it looks fresh for longer.

If you are unsure whether you wig needs to be replaced, here are some tell tale signs that it is time.

  • The colour looks dull
  • The hair has become frizzy
  • The wig has lost its lustre
  • It no longer feels secure or comfortable