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C21 magazine article – choosing and wearing a wig

Natrual Image Wigs in C21 magazine

Natrual Image Wigs in C21 magazine

Our very own Louise Pearson wrote an article for C21 magazine. It’s the UK’s first magazine dedicated to everything you need to know about living with and surviving cancer. She gives her top tips on how to choose the right wig and find the style that’s right for you:

Stepping out in Style

A wig or a hairpiece is every bit as important to our wardrobe as our undies or our jewellery. Our hair makes a huge difference to our confidence and self esteem. We think nothing of enhancing our looks with false nails, make up, eyelashes, tans, etc. The list is endless. But for now, letís focus on the wig. As a survivor of cancer, I understand the fear related to this scary, all too common problem. I am eight years on now and I still wear wigs and hairpieces on a daily basis, not because I have to, but because I experienced the benefits and expelled the myths. I now choose to buy them and wear them as an accessory to my wardrobe. NoĖone ever knows Öunless I tell them!

Most of us have no idea about its evolution.† Just hearing the word can create negativity. However, over the past few years the only thing that hasnít changed is the name. Today the quality, style, variety, texture and colour range is incredible. The choice is endless. †Thereís monofilament, hand tied on an ultra fine flesh tone mesh cap. Hand tied, lace front, is so light and cool to wear. Fully hand-knotted fibres on a fine soft lace base is very natural looking. And there are always classic styles, comfortable fit, fashionable colours and design. Trendy bobs, bouncy curls. Try a top piece for thinning hair which give versatility and confidence. Thereís something †to suit everyone with a price range for all

So, where do you start?

First of all you have to decide whether you want a change, or just to look like you. The very best way to answer this question is by experimenting. When you first try a wig or hairpiece, give yourself some time. Donít judge it in the first few moments. So often we put on a wig and instantly decide itís not for us. But I promise that if you just take a few minutes to get used to the change of volume, colour or maybe style, youíll get a better idea of whatís right for you.

Initially itís sensible to go for a similar colour and style to your preferred image of yourself. If in doubt go a little shorter and a little lighter in colour. Try it in private first and go with your own instincts. Friends and family can be helpful, but only after you feel comfortable with how you look. Pick a few different images and then ask the opinion of others.

Human hair or synthetic?

That is a personal choice and price will vary considerably. But I have to say that with our latest technology and design the synthetic fibre will wash spray condition and with a little shake lock back into place, no hassle, no heat, no styling. Itís natural to feel, comfy and light to wear and breathable. Its manmade, thatís all. It doesnít look or feel atificial. Human hair will need individual styling and attention on a regular basis and we all know that the wind and the rain can cause havoc! But it is your choice whether to wear synthetic or human hair.

What next?

No matter what you choose, we recommended that that you have your wig ready to wear before losing your hair, so everyone around you will be used to your new look beforehand. This will give you the chance to adjust slowly. Giving you back your hair can give you back lost confidence!