Hair Wraps & Scrunchies

A hair wrap or hair scrunchie is simply the easiest way to create an updo, for weddings, parties or date nights. To use our Hair Wraps & Scrunchies simply wrap the scrunchie (sometimes called a hair scrunchy) around your ponytail or bun for instant casual glam hair look, ready for any occasion.

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SKU Product name   Price  
POU/R22 Pouf Wrap by Hothair
  • £20.00
SMW/R1627 Straight 'n More Wrap by POP
  • £20.00
HDHW/R1416T Highlight Wrap by Hairdo
  • £22.00
TSLW/WB Tousled Wrap By Hothair
  • £20.00
BNCW/WB Bouncy Wrap by Hothair
  • £15.00
CHW/HF/AW Charming Wrap by Hothair Fibre+
  • £16.00
EW/HF/AW Effortless Wrap by Hothair Fibre+
  • £16.00
ESE/HF/AW Essential Wrap by Hothair Fibre+
  • £20.00
CW/R10 Coily Wrap by Hairdo
  • £25.00