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Lace Front and Monofilament Wigs: Luxury Details

Have you ever wondered why some wigs are more expensive than others?

As wig technology moves ahead and new innovations are made, we are creating ever better wigs that look and feel so natural, all the better for every day wear, whether you are wearing a wig because of chemotherapy related hairloss, alopecia, or simply because you feel like a change!

These wigs often have different features that make them stand out from a standard machine made wig, and often take many labour intensive hours to create. This isn’t just down to the the colour choice, or style of the wig, but down to the details that make up the inside of the wig. Read on to find out what these details mean, and why these hidden luxury details make all the difference.

Lace Front Wigs

Created with a fine inch or two of mesh at the hairline, these wigs are incredibly natural looking, which makes them very popular. Individual hairs are hand tied to the flesh toned mesh, giving the impression of hair growing directly from the scalp.

Lace front styles might have a basic machine made wefted cap, which keeps the cost down, or might also be part of a 100% hand tied cap, or a style that combines a monofilament part or top with the lace front.

Vision G8-047 with Lace Front for web

Monofilament Top, Monofilament Part & Monofilament Crown Wigs

Monofilament refers to a fine, skin toned mesh that some wig caps have either fully covering the top of the head, or as part of a parting or just at the crown. The advantage of monofilament is that like lace front, the mesh is skin toned & hard to detect to the casual glance when on. Not only this, but the hairs are individually tied to the mesh/monofilament fabric which gives a natural looking density and movement.

Monofilament top with words

Hand Tied Wigs

Hand tied refers to wigs in which the wig cap has been created from a soft, fine mesh onto which hairs are individually hand tied. This gives a natural looking density and movement, as well as being very light and comfortable. Wigs may be partially hand tied and partially monofilament, or even have a cap that is a combination of hand-tied, monofilament and lace front.

Lace Front mono top hand tied with words

We’re continually trying to come up with new styles, with wonderful luxury details that are not only comfortable and discreet, but also beautiful.

The Most Natural Looking Rooted Colours

We’re proud to announce that some of our favourite wigs now come in what we think are the most natural looking colours around.

Whether they’re called Rooted Colours, Gradient Colours or Shadow Shade,

each brand has a different name for the same effect. Darker roots, blending into a highlighted natural looking main colour have been created to look just like natural regrowth.
Rooted Colours Collection

Amazingly clever colours that give the impression of real hair growing from the scalp with subtle darker roots, these chic colours also tap into the fashionable hairdressing trend for highlights that are painted on by hand for a subtle ombre look.


Coupled with the latest wig technology such as lace fronts and light weight wefts, these beautiful natural colours will ensure you turn heads, for all the right reasons.

We’ve created a special section on Natural Image Wigs, especially so you can easily find for yourself the wigs that are available in these beautiful shaded tones. We’ll be adding new styles to this collection periodically so be sure to check back often to see what we have!

Shop the collection here:ROOTED COLOURS




New Long Wigs have just arrived!

It’s been a year since we have launched new wigs from the Inspired collection, but the wait has been so very worthwhile!

These two new long wigs have gorgeous lace fronts for the most natural looking hairline possible and have been created especially with modern cuts for everyday wear. The wigs have been carefully styled by our experienced wig team to look and feel completely realistic, with subtle details such as waves and curls that aren’t too heavy and fringes that you can push back or wear forward.

Meet our lovely new Inspired Styles:

Transform Lace Front Wig

Transform Wig in Caramel Glow : Long Wigs

Shown here in Caramel Glow, Transform has beautiful beachy waves that look completely natural. A soft sweep of hair gently flows back from the forehead, whilst the waves cascade to just above your shoulder blades.

We think this is such an easy wig to wear, just the right side of casual, but with a hint of glamour, which is simply perfect for every day wear.

Sublime Lace Front Wig

Sublime Wig in Creamy Twist : Long Wigs

Sublime has full on glamour. With bouncy waves that look just like you have stepped out of a salon after an expensive blow dry. Who doesn’t love that feeling?!

The lace front ensures the wig can be styled away from the face, whilst those glamorous curls won’t droop or frizz in the rain, which can only be a good thing. Shown here in Creamy Twist, we think this style will be your best accessory on a night out.

We think these gorgeous wigs styles would be perfect to have as pair!  Wear Transform for everyday with a subtle hint of glam, & take Sublime out with you to really wow on special occasions. 

Whichever you choose, you’ll look fabulous….

Crystal- Chocolate Copper

Which Wig Shall I Choose?

We often get asked the following questions

  • I’m loosing my hair. Which wig shall I choose?
  • How can I make sure a wig will suit me?
  • Will anyone know I’m wearing a wig?

We hope to help you in this post choose the best style to suit you, and to help you out trying on the best style.

bliss wig by Inspired

  • Which style shall I choose for hairloss?

We know it can be little a bit more difficult to choose online the best style for you.

In our salons our staff are extensively trained to help you choose the best style, but we understand that getting to a salon isn’t always possible.

In which case, we suggest trying a wig style that is similar to your own hair cut. We have hundreds of styles available, so why not consider trying a few similar styles in a slightly different colour or cut. Why not try a slightly brighter shade than normal, or a slightly different fringe or length.  By trying a few styles, you can get an idea of what really will suit you.

Remember! You can return any styles you don’t want to wear as per our returns policy.

  • Will it suit me?

Not every style suits everyone, which is why trying them on is essential.  A wig should look just as good as your own hair. Not too big, too stiff,or too shiny.  Why not ask a close friend or family member to help you with your choice. Or, if you  don’t want to do that, try a few on around the house & see how you feel. Catching sight of yourself in a mirror & liking the effect is a great way to see if you suit the style.

Sally Wig by Natural Image

  • Will anyone know I’m wearing a wig?

Modern wigs are amazing. The fineness of modern synthetic hair looks completely realistic, and with features like barely visible lace fronts & natural monofilament partings, they are a far cry from the helmet head styles of old. In fact, the best way to tell if the wig suits you & is a good wig, is if no one notices!

For more information on wig wearing & how to wear a wig, take a look at our FAQ pages.

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Try our cool to wear Whisperlite wigs

Whisperlite wigs are perfect for the hot summer months.  Cool to wear, airy and light and won’t droop no matter the weather.  All these wigs are made with WhisperLite fiber which is half the width of normal wig fibre, this makes them light, airy, easy to wear and perfectly natural looking.

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