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Which Wig Shall I Choose?

We often get asked the following questions

  • I’m loosing my hair. Which wig shall I choose?
  • How can I make sure a wig will suit me?
  • Will anyone know I’m wearing a wig?

We hope to help you in this post choose the best style to suit you, and to help you out trying on the best style.

bliss wig by Inspired

  • Which style shall I choose for hairloss?

We know it can be little a bit more difficult to choose online the best style for you.

In our salons our staff are extensively trained to help you choose the best style, but we understand that getting to a salon isn’t always possible.

In which case, we suggest trying a wig style that is similar to your own hair cut. We have hundreds of styles available, so why not consider trying a few similar styles in a slightly different colour or cut. Why not try a slightly brighter shade than normal, or a slightly different fringe or length.  By trying a few styles, you can get an idea of what really will suit you.

Remember! You can return any styles you don’t want to wear as per our returns policy.

  • Will it suit me?

Not every style suits everyone, which is why trying them on is essential.  A wig should look just as good as your own hair. Not too big, too stiff,or too shiny.  Why not ask a close friend or family member to help you with your choice. Or, if you  don’t want to do that, try a few on around the house & see how you feel. Catching sight of yourself in a mirror & liking the effect is a great way to see if you suit the style.

Sally Wig by Natural Image

  • Will anyone know I’m wearing a wig?

Modern wigs are amazing. The fineness of modern synthetic hair looks completely realistic, and with features like barely visible lace fronts & natural monofilament partings, they are a far cry from the helmet head styles of old. In fact, the best way to tell if the wig suits you & is a good wig, is if no one notices!

For more information on wig wearing & how to wear a wig, take a look at our FAQ pages.

Crystal- Chocolate Copper

Try our cool to wear Whisperlite wigs

Whisperlite wigs are perfect for the hot summer months.  Cool to wear, airy and light and won’t droop no matter the weather.  All these wigs are made with WhisperLite fiber which is half the width of normal wig fibre, this makes them light, airy, easy to wear and perfectly natural looking.

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Which Wig to Wear to Spring Races, Weddings and Parties?

This is the time of year when hats are de rigueur. Whether a dainty fascinator or huge sunshade, a hat is essential for the Races, Weddings and Garden Parties.

Arrival would be perfect for under a large brimmed hat.

Arrival would be perfect for under a large brimmed hat.

Fortunately, Wigs work wonderfully with hats- Choose a wig that has a fringe or is a bit longer for added glamour.  Gorgeous curls and waves look brilliant in an old-school hollywood way with a large brimmed hat, or try a cropped wig with a sassy little fascinator.

Ease would look gorgeous with a sassy Fascinator

Ease would look gorgeous with a sassy Fascinator

Why not browse our Spring Styles for great wig ideas for Spring and Summer Events!

And don’t forget- long styles can be styled into a chignon. Our own salons can help you choose a great wig for wearing with a hat- and can help you with styling tips too! Find a list of our Salons Here : Natural Image and HotHair Wig salons


We are proud to announce the NEW Dynasty wig collection by Joan Collins. This renowned actress, author, columnist and style icon brings you red carpet glamour.

Along with her team of expert hair stylists and colourists, Joan has ensured that every look exudes star quality. The result is a stunning collection in fabulous colours, that allows a woman to re-create herself again and again.

Whatever look you want to create, volume, curls or a face framing fringe Joan has created the perfect wig for you. The collection inculdes wigs featuring monofilament, lace fronts, 100% human hair and more.

A message from Joan about her new wig collection “Say goodbye to bad hair days! Now you can be gorgeous morning, noon and night with my new fabulous collection in which beautiful hair plays the starring role.” “I love wearing wigs… and having spent a lifetime in beauty and fashion, I know what cuts and colours are most flattering to woman. As a results I’ve designed an array of original styles in head-turning hues that look totally natural to help you instantly change your look… define your image.”

Great hair helps you look good and feel confident and the Joan Collins collection is perfect for women who love Hollywood glamour, the luxurious Dynasty hairstyles will have you looking and feeling a million dollars!


Washing Synthetic Fibre Wigs

Our synthetic wigs are designed to look and feel like real hair, but cannot be washed in the same way. To ensure these stay looking their best we suggest you follow these simple care instructions.

We suggest washing your wig every 10th wear or so. Only use
specialist products that are soluble in cool water such as the Synovation products.Hairspray may be used to fix the style or if a glossy finish is wanted use a fibre oil. Do not use heat on synthetic wigs as it will damage the fibre.

Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles with your fingers, a wig brush or a tangle teaser. Fill a basin with cold water (never use hot water) and add a cap full of Synovation shampoo.

Soak the wig for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with cold water to get rid of any residue.

Repeat this procedure with the Synovation Revitalizer, however do not rinse the Revitalizer.

With a towel very gently dab the wig with a towel to remove excess water.

Allow the wig to air-dry at room temperature, by leaving it to hang on a wig stand or styling head.

When the wig is still slightly damp spray it with Synovation Conditiner, this will coat the hair fibres and keep them fresh and deodorised.

Use the Synovation Finishing Spray to finish the look, this acts like a hairspray and will set the style into place without any stiffness.

Washing Human Hair Wigs

Shampoo as above.

You can use gentle heated products to dry and style the wig.

Although our human hair products are suitable for colouring and for use with heated utensils, we recommend that you exercise care, for example, carrying out patch tests before colouring and limiting any processes to a minimum.